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FreeKey gives you the ability to connect any keyboard ( Mac or IBM(MFII))
to the Newton's serial port ,for all Newton OS 1.x ,2.0

FreeKey is a small device clipped on Newton's back(all OM/100 and 110/120/130) and holds the newton in a slight angle for better visibility of dispaly.It works with all Newton OS (1.x with software, 2.0 direct no software necessary!).

FREEKEY poweres the keyboard by battery (4 x Mignon AA rechargeable or normal ) or 7V DC adaptor and supports Newton's own batteries-life (as a batterie pack).It also recharges its own and Newton's batteries at the same time .FREEKEY has an additional serial port which lets you link a IBM or Mac serial without plugging offStainless steel clip can also be used without FreeKey.

FreeKey: Box + Clip (OMP.100 /110.120) + package (FreeKey.PKG) for Newton 1.x onlySize : 3''x3'' (7,5 x 7cm);Clip 7,5''x2"( 19 x 5cm)


OMNISYS' SmartCard reader/writer FreeCard for Apple's Newton; useable for all 120/130 models.

-Intergrated compact unit : specially designed to plug into the battery pack and to be connected to the serial port, thereby leaving the PCMCIA Port unoccupied. With FreeCard's small proportions (7mm thick ) and its weight of only 40gr. the Newton remains thin and light. It can be used for reading and writing Memory- and SmartCards, which are inserted in at the bottom.

By opening and closing the serial port the fc will be powered on/off. Energy is saved by an automatic sleeping mode.

This compact mobile unit, of a fc combined with a Newton, gives access to more future possibilities, for example -a larger information network; more storage; better data-transportation, identification, etc. Expanding your application in many different fields: healthcare, insurance, transportation, communial etc.

Technical notes:

- FreeDock

The ultimative connection to your Newton


Easy handling Laser Barcode Scanner

compact plug-on for the Newton, up to a distance of 30cm, capable of all standard barcodes, no batteries needed


FreeTerm can be used as a compact cash terminal accessing all features of Newtons

possibilities and the internal magneticcard reader

Additional ports for MF2 keyboards ,barcode

-Car DC Adapter 7,5V supply


Florian Biehler / OMNISYS: info (at) loxos de

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