loxos Mobile SmartSolution for PDAs  












Hybrid SmartCard & MagneticCard Reader for PalmOne




Use of benefits:

Costumer cards for the gastronomy, bonus cards for the tourism and for sport clubs
Insurance cards for your car, service cards, health insurance access cards, secure cards, personal and ID cards, credit cards mobile payment, fair cards, event cards and visitor cards for market research and for statistic

In connection with the Fujitsu FDP-628WSL110 Thermo-Mobile Bluetooth Printer, you have the opportunity to print the processed information from your card without cable



  • less energy consumption, very long time of operation,
  • without battery, as a result no maintenance and no additional payment,
  • plug and play possible: additional 500 KB storage in the Reader are integrated,
  • Flexibility CTAPI interface, fast and easily integration, library for Code Warrior and satellite forms.
  • In combination with handheld and reader also USBHotSync and loading in the palmOne docking station is possible.
  • Minimal volume: 60 * 78 * 10mm, weight: 45 grams
  • Magnet cards, 1, 2, 3 Track (3 Track).
  • Smart cards by ISO 7816 standards, support asynchronous T=0 and T=1 also synchronous protocol

Connection with the palmOne handhelds over serial interface / Universal Connector: Palm m135, m5xx, Tungsten T, T2, T3, W, C and Zire71



Hybrid SmartCard & MagneticCard Reader for PalmOne